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About Us
We are a team of senior financial professionals that share a common vision. We acknowledge that modern calls can not be ignored and need to be addressed no matter how big your company is or where you stand in the market.
Our company is named after Leonardus L.J. van Graas, an ordinary man who showed throughout his life what it really means — to be responsible and dedicated. He believed that one's attitude can make a difference and create positive change in people's lives.
Graas Management is a boutique investment management company specializing in sustainable and natural resources investing.
That a socially responsible approach can shape a sustainable future.
That wisdom, conscience and care lie at the heart of real responsibility.
That there is a way to invest in both purpose and profit.
We use our expertise to build a comprehensive and fully diversified portfolio in order to match financial goals with personal values.
Our goal
Our goal is to make a profit and make a difference by supporting sustainability efforts with responsible investing.